Beginning at the end

Usually, when I’m exploring a subject, I do a number of small and medium sized versions and typically end on a larger scale, at which point I will most likely feel I’ve gone as far as I can go. The painting I’m showing here came out of a desire just to work large, which I hadn’t done for a while, so some of the exploration that I do in the smaller scale work, which includes trying different techniques and mixing media, took place on this single piece of paper, which is approximately 4ft (1.2m) square. The photo shows some distortion as I just snapped this with my phone, and it’s hanging from clips on the studio wall, so you can see a distinct curve.Photo0067

The theme is, broadly speaking, remembrance, and it draws together various motifs and images from earlier work, also from newspaper clippings and the cemetery photos I took in August last year (see blog posts for July and August 2013). It’s a complex and, I think, somewhat unsatisfactory piece. It evolved rather randomly and as it developed there were awkward spaces and a lack of colour coherence. Frankly, it was a struggle. But these shortcomings rather recommend it to me, as I can’t be coasting on something I know too well where this is concerned. I am working on a smaller watercolour painting based on this (the large one is acrylic and collage), and I’m looking forward to more work aimed at solving some of the problems this presented.