Quick catch up

So here we are at late December, and I haven’t posted since November. That does reflect lack of progress, and also the scurrying pace of life coming up to christmas, whether you want to celebrate it or not (I don’t really bother). My attention has also been deflected by home improvements, with more decorating to go.

But I wanted to make one more post, so I’m putting up an older piece that I’m fond of. The title is “Secrets”, oil pastel on watercolour paper. And with this I will float an idea that’s been in my mind for a while. When my work is mainly shared on the internet, it troubles me that the computer screen creates a light-projected image with a single cohesive surface effect. The weight, material colours and ‘stuff’ of my paintings are important to me, sometimes I even like them to be a bit clumsy. I’d be interested to know whether other artists feel that web viewings represent them fairly.

Meanwhile, I wish a happy new year to all those who celebrate it at this time.Scans0004