Family photos: starting points

This blog contains some new images in the Family Photos series, and I expect that each of these photos will generate more paintings. The versions shown here represent initial investigations of the subject. There is a period of getting to know the photos, and then getting beyond them, which in this case hasn’t yet happened.¬† All of these images are relatively small, which is typical of the early stages of the work: 1) Railway station acrylic and pastel¬† 2) Lunch in Switzerland , both in gouache and pastel 8x11in (20×27.5cm). (3) Denis in the car watercolour and watercolour crayon 7x5in (17.5×12.5cm).




Lunch in Switzerland gouache and pastel 8x11in (20x27.5cm)Lunch in Switzerland gouache and pastel 8x11in (20x27.5cm)


Car window watercolour crayon and watercolour 7x5in (16x12.5cm)