A good day’s work

Spent an enjoyable day at the print studio on Friday. I’m still scratching around a bit to find a new direction for my work, but I turned up an old sketch and a monoprint, and reworked them as solar plate etchings. I was asked where my imagery comes from. Often it’s a found photo, as in the case of the ‘leopard man’, which was a newspaper photo illustrating an opera review.  I clip this stuff without archiving properly, so can no longer remember what the opera was, I know I’ve had the photo for some years.leopard man etching


This next image originated in a random monoprint, possibly meant to be a cat. It was one of those things that you think hasn’t worked, but I kept it and gradually started to appreciate it for what it was, rather than whatever it was meant to be.strange cat etching

The drawings applied to the plates were in india ink and watercolour crayon. The etching process reproduces the textures quite accurately, but adds the richness of etching blacks and some tonal qualities of its own when printed. Coincidentally, the ‘cat’ acquired a more leopardy look in the translation from one medium to the other.

Fighting cats

Fighting cats

Solar plate etching

This is the first piece I made when I learned the process of solar plate etching. I used to love the process of etching and the qualities of the print, but working at home, it isn’t possible to mess about with acid, resin and ventilators. A friend has introduced me to solar plate etching, where a prepared plate is etched by UV light – which can just mean exposure to sun. You just get one shot at the image with this method, but I was pleased with the way this turned out.