New challenge every step

This picture of the figure sculptures represents the unfinished stage they were at when I shut down work to do the open house. They were always going to be clothed and have faces, an as yet unfamiliar development, as the small versions didn’t go that far. Now as it turns out, what seemed ok in my mind’s eye is not satisfactory in the real. They will change, maybe quite a lot.sofa men clothed

Artists open houses 2016

Participating in AOH Brighton, after a break of two years. I forgot how entirely the preparations take over your life. Thankfully, yesterday was the first open day, which was rewarding in many ways. But I think the best part of this for me is seeing the different series of works so clearly all together. The connecting threads are now quite apparent. I can’t wait to get back to work.¬†Apologies for poor photos, the lighting is very difficult, but they¬†give some kind of flavour of the house 16 5open house 16 4open house 16 3open house 16 1