Thinking aloud

Some people like to use sketchbooks, I tend to do my visual thinking on random pieces of paper. There are always a few versions of things I’m working on that take them through the development of the image. Often the final outcome is a large piece of work. My current ideas are not coming from specific or individual sources, I’m taking all sorts of visual and verbal references and allowing them to collide.  All the pieces shown here are on watercolour postcards and combine ink drawing and writing, painting and collage, and printing off card. As they are visual thoughts, I’m not editing much at the moment, just seeing how they turn out. There are eight so far, these are in order of making, numbers 1, 2, 4 and 7.004003006002

One small step

For all sorts of reasons it’s been difficult to find the time and energy to make work this year. So I’m currently working on small things to ease myself back in. I’ve mentioned before wanting to get into 3D work, and my attempts so far have been very slow and not that successful. But the small-scale effort is beginning to pay off and I will hope to move on to more ambitious output.  This photo shows some little figures I’ve been making out of air-drying clay. It’s not easy, as the material has little plasticity compared to firing clay, so a lot can go wrong. But it’s something I can be absorbed in and it’s kicking off other ideas. Since doing this, I have also started a series of small paintings/collages on watercolour postcards, which I’ll be posting in a few days time.mantelpiece people 1