Family portrait continued

Among the early work in this series was a simple watercolour crayon drawing of a single figure – my grandmother on my father’s side. There is something appealing about the pose and the lack of definition in an ageing face. It seems this one will also lend itself to clay modelling, and I’m halfway through a clay version. This drawing is A4 size.


This led to using the image as a repeat – almost a pattern element. Throughout my work there is a recurring theme of seated figures in rows. The group of three uses watercolour crayon and watercolour washes, and is approximately 14 ins (35 cm) square.misc grannies

2 thoughts on “Family portrait continued

  1. I love the texture of that early crayon version – perfectly catches the way extreme old age dissolves the clarity of younger self (also enjoyed the repeat version – reminds me of the old chinese grannies the Beyond the Clouds documentary series, who used to sit in a row just like this)

  2. Thanks Pauline, I really enjoyed that technique, it came out almost as in my mind’s eye, though it’s important to me the image can evolve as it goes. Thinking of doing a new series. – lots of candidates for portraits in the family photos.

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