Revisiting (2)

These paintings are also new versions following a drawing first shown on the blog in April. I’m repeating the photo to give context. The interesting thing to me here is the peculiar perspective, where the face seen in the car window seems out of proportion to the other figures. There is more distance between them than is apparent from what you can see of the cars, there’s a kind of telescoping effect.


The first revision is a simple drawing in charcoal pencil and watercolour wash.img058

The second is watercolour with some collage, the colour works quite well but my composition is off – too crowded, so the oddity of the space is lost.img057

The next piece is a deliberate effort to move away from how the photograph works. As with the station paintings, it maybe needs a definite change of scale to progress. The face in the car window is a photograph clipped from the newspaper (no one I know) with some gouache work added .img060




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