Keeping it going

Recently visited an exhibition in which there were masses of drawings, small paintings and doodles displayed on all the walls, as if everything that came into the artist’s head had made its way on to a piece of paper. I am trying to work this way, as many ideas are tumbling around in my mind but may not feel ‘cooked’ enough for a major piece. The mixed media pieces I’m posting here are almost random, and still evolutionary. I’m not judging or commenting as I have nothing yet to say about them. Any feedback will be gratefully received.




2 thoughts on “Keeping it going

  1. These are fabulous. You ask for feedback. Personally, I find lots to learn in these. Your use of block and line, contrast and complements makes your figures come alive (or recede eerily). Great stuff.

  2. Thank you. I’m trying to connect various things in a way that doesn’t turn out corny. Will persevere. My guiding thought is, the more you get on there, the better it gets. But know when to stop.

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