Keeping it going

Recently visited an exhibition in which there were masses of drawings, small paintings and doodles displayed on all the walls, as if everything that came into the artist’s head had made its way on to a piece of paper. I am trying to work this way, as many ideas are tumbling around in my mind but may not feel ‘cooked’ enough for a major piece. The mixed media pieces I’m posting here are almost random, and still evolutionary. I’m not judging or commenting as I have nothing yet to say about them. Any feedback will be gratefully received.



Style and technique

I’ve become rather hooked on the line drawing lately, there’s such a liveliness to the rough line of the twig drawings, as there was in the very quick ballpoint drawings that I did on the spot. The first here was made with a twig dipped in very fluid watercolour and done quite quickly, so there are errors and overlaps.


.I made another slightly larger drawing with fewer figures in the same way and decided to use colour within the shapes, but preserving some of the line work. As it went along, I felt it was bordering on being a cartoon, which is undesirable with this subject, though the figures do have some humour to them, and I gradually varied the colour work more, while still remaining quite graphic. Part of the fascination with these mummies is their different costumes, as the full collection covers five centuries and various different professions and trades.img048I like the way this works, but also felt I needed to loosen up the technique, so I made a very quick, small (postcard size) painting which seems to refer back to previous works, as none of the clothing is defined. To go on with this sequence, I will be aiming somewhere in between the two images and techniques. img049