Dancing in the street

There was only one possible title for this sequence of pictures. Who knows what my mum (left) and dad (right) were doing dancing down a Swiss street on the holiday where they first met. It was surprisingly difficult to get to grips with this image, and I don’t think I’ve finished with it yet. The selection shown here explains to some extent the development of the painted works from the photo. Scans0207PENTAX Image

This is a gouache study, which I liked, but it didn’t seem to get me much further than the original photo. To make a significant change to the interpretation, I made a rough and ready collage in newspaper and then another, larger one with torn papers from magazines and wrappings.PENTAX Image

I used the collage as a basis for drawing a simple black monoprint, picking up some of the pattern elements and shape variations.PENTAX Image





There were further colour drawings based on the collage and monoprint, this one is watercolour crayon.PENTAX Image

And finally, for the time being at least, a large freestanding cardboard cutout (height 4ft/1.2m) with paper collage and acrylic painting. Now that I’ve had some time off from working this subject, I look forward to reworking and moving it on further.PENTAX Image


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