Family photos

The Family Photos series has been going on for a few years, using photos from both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family. Sometimes I’m working on these images exclusively for a while, then maybe I’ll come back to them after doing something else, and if I find new ones, that can stimulate additional work. Usually, each series begins with a fairly straightforward drawing or painting of the subject, then progresses through a number of different versions, changing the scale, the media and the approach to the picture. Primarily, they have been photos of the immediately preceding generations, my parents and grandparents. The aura of old-fashionedness enables me to find an objective distance from the images, though there is obviously an emotional link as well that gives them a subjective element. I choose them for visual qualities, not for sentimental reasons. Sometimes those things are happily combined, as in Deckchair (below): the couple are my maternal grandparents. Occasionally I have no idea who the people are, I think there is a tiny view of my father in Entertaining the Dog (behind the main figure), but the other people are a mystery. It’s just a great, and slightly strange, photograph. My father and his brothers are three of the boys on donkeys,so I lost the fourth figure in the translation of photo to painting.These paintings are from early in the series. There will be newer ones in a subsequent post.Scans0090

Deckchair acrylic and fabric collage


Entertaining the Dog acrylic and paper collageScans0110

Donkey riding acrylic and paper collage

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